Creativity will lead you to success

Creativity will lead you to success

Creativity will lead you to success because an open mind is a valuable resource. When you’re interested in new possibilities and able to think creatively, you’re more likely to stay energized in your role and keep your team or organization one step ahead of the competition. Creativity is the ability to see the future and translate it at least partially into the present. The future transcends the present. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

                                                  “Everything that is

                                                    Beautiful and noble

                                                                     is the product of

                                                     Reason and calculation.”

I believe this statement from the core of my heart. Today I have written this article after seeing the creativity and imaginative work of my beloved students’. A few days ago, I had told them to make a video about their other’s activities during the pandemic situation for a program.All of them submitted their videos within two days.When I had seen their videos I became speechless to see their creativity.Some of them engaged themselves in making some projects, some of them involved in gardening, singing, dancing, recitation etc. All of them had given more and more afford to perform his/her respective project through using creativity. Besides, they had also attended many online competition and achieved many awards. I like to mention here some of my students creativity one after one.

Md. Shami Islam khan, a student of HSC Examinee-2021, Science Group. Besides study, he makes various projects. He attended a competition titled as “Coronathon” and achieved Runners’ up award. His project was “Way-19 (Far UVC)”. It is basically a bulb that produces FAR UVC rays (207-222nm). These rays can’t enter our skin or epidermis. However, it can kill the virus or germs by tear the top layer of air bones, super bags, corona etc. This ray also purifies the air and reduces dust.

 His another project is E-Tob which was presented in ICT Carnival. E-Tob is an electronic flower pot that can be used to monitor all soil properties from anywhere in the world and can be watered on a tree with a single click as needed. It also has UV technology to protect the desired plant from pests. This gadget can accomplish a full 10 tasks and there will be an option to add more functions as required by the users. Solar panels will be used here as a source of electricity. So, no extra power will have to be supplied.

Zarin Rushni Oishee, a student of HSC Examinee-2021 of Science Group. Though she is an HSC level student, she has become a famous Nazrul Sangeet Singer by this time. Besides her education, she attended in many TV channels for singing Nazrul songs. During Pandemic situation, she also attended in many programs through online. I have noticed that in every program, she has maintained her dress code, decorated her background related to the programs which was really praiseworthy.

Al- Mamun Ovi, another HSC Examinee-2021 of Science Group. He is also engaged himself in many creative activities. Specially, in time of COVID-19, he attended “Coronathon Competition”. His team name was ‘SOPI’ and project title was “Service on Prevent Infection”.


Description of the Project in brief:

The Volunteers of this team have to collect the information from every door to door to warn the people about this virus. They will also collect their NID and make a database for their safety and official records. The government have to approve about 2-3 shops in every area and the shops have to provide 24*7 service to the people. In this shop they have to store all kinds of daily needs, medicines and everything that a family needs daily. Police will monitor their (Shop Keepers) service regularly so that a family can buy all kinds of necessary products like groceries, medicines and other things in a reasonable price. After purchasing the products, they will pay the bill. Paying bill record will be saved for the next three days. Then these people will not be allowed to buy those products again for the next 3 days. And it will be recorded by a retina scanner or Fingerprint machines. Moreover, it will be fixed outside of these govt. certified shops. None will be allowed to buy anything out of his police station or residential area.  And when they will go out to buy any necessities, volunteers will help the people to bring them to shops and to take away goods from the shops to their home.

J M Mohiuddin, Maria Akter Megha and Mohammad Arafat, they are the students of Science, 2nd year. They also have proved their creativity through attending ICT Carnival. They had made a project on “e-learning platform”.

The objectives of their project are-

  1. Without disturbing online classroom.
  2. No option for cheating in Online Exam.
  3. Selling Old Books in Half Price whether it is PDF or Printed Documents.
  4. Helping the new writers to correct their writings.
  5. Guide Line for Common Learning & Higher Education.

Actually, we are proud of them. They have brought out a lot of name and fame for our College as well as for their family and for themselves. We pray to almighty Allah so that they can continue their successful journey in future also. I think every student has some latent talent, potentiality and creativity. But some of them are extrovert and they can prove their potentiality or creativity. On the other hand, some of them are introvert, in spite of having a lot of talents, creativities and potentialities, they can’t expose themselves only for shyness, proper motivation and family support. So, I will advise my students to be more positive, creative and extrovert to accept the challenges of 21st century.

Thus, creativity is very important in our daily life because it helps one to reach his/her destination of life successfully. That’s why it goes without saying that anyone can be creative and innovative through using his latent talent and positive ideas. In this regard, we can remember the quotation of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian- American Inventor who says-

The Gift of mental power

         Comes from God, divine being,

And if we concentrate our

                                                         Minds on that truth, we

Become in tune with this

                                                          Great power.

                     – Nikola Tesla

Sanchita Nargees

Sr. Lecturer

Daffodil International College