Importance of ‘Co-curricular Activities’ to build up Self-confidence

In the 21st century, the world is changing fast. That is why, the conventional education

 curriculum which was developed in the early 20th century, has to pave the way to a new kind of 

education and learning which is related to our day to day living and plays a vital role to build up

 career and personality. Co-curricular activities are different from academic activities. It is true

 that much of our intellectual development happens, to a great extent, in the classroom but it is

 not enough to survive in life.  Students can participate in co-curricular activities besides their

 academic activities. These activities give unique experience of life, these activities make one

 smart and wise. These activities encourage to expose hidden talents. It helps to the students to 

become aware of time management and more responsible. It helps the learners to be confident, 

problem solving and reasoning. When these activities blended with academics, it will help the

students learn  effectively. It will also give them an opportunity of thinking unusually and getting

 the innovative ideas and above all to be self-dependent.

There are many co-curricular activities like- debate, recitation, singing songs, dancing, public 

speaking, extempore speech, library work, social service etc. These are the activities through

 which a learner can strengthen the classroom learning as well as other activities both inside and 

outside the classroom.

The students who engage themselves in these co-curricular activities, can achieve better results 

in their academic ground. Their academic performance develop day by day as they learn how to

 balance their co-curricular activities with their academic pursuits. Moreover, they better 

understand how to manage their time effectively and also increase their interest in the classroom.

 So, it is essential to understand the importance of co-curricular activities in improving academic 

performance. In other words, co-curricular activities enable a learner to digest his academic

 studies and make him/her to be confident in every sphere of practical life. In this competitive

 era, co-curricular activities also play a vital role to build up a better career for the learners. 

Because it broadens new horizons for them. It makes the students feel happier, stronger, 

confident and more likely to lead a healthy and active life style.

Now we are passing a very critical situation. In a normal situation, Pre Covid-19, all 

extracurricular activities for the students took place in academic environment. Though it is not 

possible in this current pandemic situation, students can involve themselves virtually in many

 co-curricular activities. And it helps them to be fit mentally removing their mental stress. In this 

connection, Virtual club activities can be implemented during the pandemic. Through Google 

meet or Zoom, students can participate in interactive session where they can share their 

experience and receive suggestion from the experts. Now at this moment, they can more involve 

in many indoor activities like crafts, creative writings, gardening, graphic designs etc. 

By the above discussion, we can say that the students engaging through co-curricular activities 

can learn essential values about different religions, events, cultures of national and international

 importance as well as discipline. They also learn to understand different values, social ethics, 

motivational skills, capability of  accepting  challenges, self-dependent, self-contentment etc.

 In order to make the new generation all-rounder and self-reliant, co-curricular activities should

 be integrated in the educational sector compulsorily.

Writer: Sanchita Nargees

Sr.Lecturer, English

Daffodil International College, Dhaka

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