‘Faith-Service-Leadership’ with this motto, Daffodil International College is marching ahead with remarkable success. Since its inception in 2003, this institution has been advocating activity based learning, blending effective technological skills with academic excellence. Here, students are encouraged to be developed technologically and to explore new horizon of knowledge.

Daffodil International College is driven by some positive objectives which ensure our students’ holistic development. We believe that education is not only the academic learning but also training the mind to think and we are working on the process of continuous improvement of our teaching and learning environment. At the same time, we are conscious of our students’ employ-ability and make them aware of their future career.

Under the dynamic leadership of worthy Principal, a team of experienced and dedicated administrative and academic staff is working relentlessly to develop the educational value and technological skills of our diverse students. Thus our students will be able to become good citizens who will make a productive impact on society. For this reason, we are striving to provide our students with supreme quality education that will empower them to obtain a notable career and make a meaningful contribution to the country at large.

I would like to have the opportunity to thank all our stakeholders, especially our parents, who have unconditionally trusted and supported us wholeheartedly. We always encourage effective communication and interaction among the students, teachers and wider community. Last but not the least, we maintain an academic atmosphere which is conducive to learning and overall achievement for all the students of Daffodil International College.


K M Hassan Ripon
Executive Director
Daffodil International College

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