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Test and Evaluation


Class XI: Each academic year is divided into three semesters. In each semester, at least three (3) Class Tests and at the end of the semester, Term End Test will be executed. Class Test will be held on 25 marks and Term End Test will be on 75 marks. For Science Subjects having practical, Term End Test will be executed on 75 and 25 marks will be earmarked for practical examination.

Class XII: Courses will be completed in two terms. During the first term at least three (3) Class Tests and examination will be taken. During the Second Term at least three (3) Class Test & examination will be taken. Only Selection Test will be held at the end of the Second Term. Result will be published in grading (GPA) system. Here it is mentioned that, if any student fails to achieve certain grade point (GPA) or do not have satisfactory presence (90%) he/she will not be allowed for Board Exam.

Promotion: To get promotion from Class XI to Class XII, it is mandatory to have 90% attendance. Moreover, a student must have GPA 3.00 in Science and while GPA 2.50 in Business Studies.


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